Worcester Soup

Each quarter, Worcester Soup will host a group dinner in Worcester City. The next event is 6 December from 3.30-6.30pm.

How does Worcester Soup work?
Local community members are invited to the SOUP. As it is a potluck style dinner you are invited to bring food to share if you want. (usually soup and salad). It is a free dinner. The door fee is for grant funding of local community projects.

• Worcester residents and supporters donate £4 at the door (they can give more if they want!.
• 4 people working on projects or with an idea for projects that benefit the community get 4 minutes to present their proposals to the group.
• The diners get to ask 4 questions per project.
• Over dinner, diners cast their vote for the project they want to help fund.
• The winning project goes home with all of the money raised on the door.
• Winners come back to a future SOUP dinner to tell us about how the project went!

How do I submit a project or idea?
To be considered to present your idea or project at a future dinner please answer the questions below and submit this document to CCWorcesterSOUP@outlook.com

If your proposal is chosen, we’ll contact you at least 7 days before the date of the dinner. You may submit your proposals more than one time if you are not successful first time around.

There are only two rules for presenters, the first is you can’t use technology to present and the second is that the idea presented must benefit Worcester City.

Grant size will depend on the number of people attending each dinner so spread the word to get a good crowd of people attending.

What kind of projects are eligible?
People can come up with any idea they wish. This could be an artistic venture, a business idea or anything that helps the community. It can be of individual, group and/or community benefit. The more structure you have to your idea, and the better your plan, the more likely it will be that people will vote for you – so be prepared!

To submit your form or if you have any questions please email Chris at

Twitter @worcestersoup Facebook /worcestersoup Website worcestersoup.co.uk