Worcester Media Lab

Worcester Media Lab is an innovative design and development lab staffed by students at the University Of Worcester.

Our goal is simple. Deliver quality products for low cost. How we do this is unique.

We are students at the University of Worcester from a range of disciplines with a proven track record providing exceptional content. We are supported by University teaching and business staff.

We put emphasis on building strong relationships, both before and after the delivery phase.

Let us paint a picture of what we’d like to happen: We would work with you developing great content and also have fun doing it. You, of course, get a high standard of work for a low cost, put a big tick in your corporate social responsibility box and maybe even discover new talent you would like to hire!

With the personalities, drive and technical know how that our team possesses, we love nothing more than an opportunity to show off our wide range of skills.

Our Core Values

We are Creative

The Media Lab is staffed by current students at University of Worcester, with a broad range of talent and skills that make the perfect recipe for a masterpiece. We strive to achieve the very best and our diversity encourages creativity and learning within our team.

We are Passionate

Our skills might be broad but we always come together in our passion for our projects and clients. We take deep pride in our work, and we’re always keeping up to date with the latest developments, as well as employing traditional best practices.

We are Enthusiastic

It’s rarely quiet in our cosy lab – the sound of keystrokes, discussions about newest design trends or even the latest amazing web technology. We are complete workaholics and perfectionists, so we won’t stop until you’re happy.

We are Sustainable

We know how important sustainability is to business, and we utilise sustainable practises wherever possible in our work and coding. We also offer sustainable solutions when it comes to hosting and technology platforms too.

Want to visit us?

We love visitors to our cosy lab, so drop us a line if you’d like to pop by for a coffee and a chat.

Contact: Nick Bancroft
WBS Enterprise Manager
01905 542817

or send a request through the website.