Enterprising Worcestershire Summer Start-Up Bootcamp

Pitching Event – Wednesday 18th July 18

Venture Creation – Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th July 18

Marketing – Monday 6th August and Tuesday 7th August 18

Sales –Monday 20th August and Tuesday 21st August 18


We ask you attend as many of the days that you can manage.

We have an expert team of industry experts, Entrepreneurs and University Lecturers who will deliver the sessions to take you through the process of creating a business.

Through our network of organisations in Worcestershire, including Worcester County Council, Worcestershire City Council, Worcestershire Business Central and the Chamber of Commerce, we will also signpost you to grants and support that is currently available.


  • You need to be a residence of Worcestershire (your address must include a Worcestershire postcode).
  • Your business must not be yet registered by HMRC


Bootcamp Location

Jenny Lind Campus, University of Worcester, Worcester, WR13 AS

This is in Worcester City Centre close to local bus routes and Foregate Street Railway Station


Watch our bite sized videos from our programme delivery team and some of our Entrepreneurs from last years programme.




More questions?


If you have any queries about attending, the status of your business or to discuss attendance commitment then please email joanne.murphy@worc.ac.uk


To sign up please complete the following form and we will email you to confirm if you have a space.



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