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The pop-up shop competition challenges student entrepreneurs to test out their enterprise ideas and look at creating a sustainable venture as possible in six weeks. The programme will give all the students the opportunity to learn how to run a successful retail unit and be given the chance to showcase their products in a pop-up retail unit within the Crowngate centre, where over 500,000 customers per month will be able pass by and purchase their goods.

This fantastic opportunity is being supported and backed by the Crowngate Centre and Barclays Bank.


The pop-up shop competition that challenges student entrepreneurs to test out their social enterprise ideas and make as much money for their venture as possible in a single day.



Teams of students will be given a £2000 grant, a mentor and use of a retail unit in Crowngate shopping centre for six weeks to test out their business ideas.



This is a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and also test out your idea on the general public with limited risk. With over 500,000 people each month entering the Crowngate centre brand awareness within the local community will improve.



  • Now! State you are interested and we will keep you posted!!
  • November Training Day
  • April Training Day
  • 9th May Business Plan Submission Deadline
  • 23rd May Shortlisted Notified
  • 31st May Final Pitches

The competition entries should be submitted before the 9th May online using this link.


With Whom?

The pop-up shop is powered by Crowngate Shopping Centre, Barclays Bank and University of Worcester.



Students interested in applying for pop-up space should complete the application(link to interest form)  by Friday 8th April 2015. Students are encouraged to contact Dr. David Bozward (d.bozward@worc.ac.uk), to learn more about the space and how they might use it.