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These Open Educational Resources (OER) are designed to apply key enterprise and entrepreneurship concepts to real life UK and Chinese enterprises. For each enterprise case study, there is a video case study compiled from company visits and interviews, a company profile and some suggested underpinning teaching materials. The teaching materials are designed to develop both enterprising and entrepreneurial skills to support employability and future potential entrepreneurship.

The enterprises selected for the teaching material include both recent start-ups and more established enterprises which are involved across a range of industries from retail to high tech research and development enterprises.

The teaching materials are Open Educational Resources  and can be adapted and developed to meet the needs of your teaching. Several of the case studies provided overlap in their content, for example in subject areas such as innovation and business models, and can be used in combination as required. In these cases several videos and sets of material can be selected and can be used, for example, to demonstrate some of the similarities and differences between the Chinese and UK enterprises and between different industries.

We hope that you find the teaching materials helpful in your practice and we would welcome your comments and discussion and would be interested to hear how you have applied them in your teaching.

The materials were up to date as of when they were filmed and collated; however, they might not reflect the current situations of the featured businesses.

This project was kindly supported by the British Council’s UK-China Enhancing Graduate Employability and Entrepreneurship Fund and was undertaken by teams from the Beijing Foreign Studies University, PRC and the University of Worcester, UK and was led by Dr Robin Bell.

These are Open Educational Resources and therefore freely accessible and openly licensed documents.

Entrepreneurial Learning Material

5 Star Windows : Market Research Case Study

7Tin : Finance Case Study

Beijing Origin Water : Finance Case Study

Caiyi : Entrepreneur Case Study

ClearView : Innovation Case Study

Draway Technology: Business Models Case Study

Estates Direct : Finance Case Study

Franco Florenzi  : Resources & Capabilities Case Study

Gtech : Business Planning Case Study

IPinYou : Corporate Entrepreneurship Case Study

ISO QS : Entrepreneur Case Study

Kika Keyboard : Business Plans & Business Models Case Study

Leya : Resources & Capabilities Case Study

Miaozhen Systems : Business Models Case Study

Omescape : Innovation Case Study

PCA Predict : Startup Case Study

TouchPal : Innovation Case Study

Wyche Innovation Centre : Business Models Case Study

Entrepreneurship Core Skills Case Study

Entrepreneurial Team Roles Case Study


Open Educational Resources for :

Business Models

  • Draway, Kika, Miaozhen, Wyche Innovation Centre

Business Planning

  • Gtech, Kika

Corporate Entrepreneurship

  • IPinYou


  • Caiyi, ISO

Entrepreneurship Core skills

  • Various Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial Team roles

  • Various Entrepreneurs


  • 7Tin, Beijing Origin Water, Estates Direct


  • Clearview, Omescape, TouchPal

Market Research

  • 5 Star Windows

Resources & Capabilities

  • Franco Florenzi, Leya


  • PCA Predict

Open Educational Resources