IP matters! A tool to learn more …

Whether you design, invent, write, perform or research, IP matters!

A student today came along with a great start-up idea, but he’d been discussing it with mates, friends and other business contacts – what’s to stop any of them taking over the idea as their own? The Intellectual Property Office website has a great IP Tutor to help you decide what to protect before you start – remember your idea has value too. What’s more this tool is tailored for your business idea – whether you are looking at STEM openings, Law, Creative or Humanities businesses.

So did you know that in 2013, Apple ranked as the most valuable brand in the world by leading business magazine Forbes. Apple’s success is partly due to their approach to business, but also driven by the value of their IP. As an indication of the value Apple place on their IP, Apple has sued Samsung many times for IP infringement, famously being awarded $1 billion in 2012 (source: http://www.ipo.gov.uk/)