Should I register/file IP myself or use an IP attorney?








Sometimes it can seem daunting to seek out IP attorneys to register and file your IP on your behalf, but you may be surprised to learn that actually, there are advantages to using IP attorneys over DIY.


Below outlines just a few of the advantages of what working with an IP attorney can do for you and your business.


>> IP attorneys can manage the process on your behalf from start to finish saving you time to focus on other tasks


>> IP attorneys have the connections to register and file applications on your behalf around the world saving you time and additional costs and resource of dealing with multiple IP offices around the world


>> Alongside getting to know you and your business combined with expertise, IP attorneys can provide strategic advice based on your commercial plans ensuring you get the best and most importantly, the correct protection possible


>> IP attorneys speak the IP lingo so can deal with any challenges faced from the IP offices, so can effortlessly respond on your behalf


>> In the long term, using IP attorneys is a much more cost-effective solution and you’ll get the added bonus of additional value services such as searching, watching, audits, renewals and on-going advice to ensure your IP protection is worth every penny especially as your business grows.


So, if all of the following sounds valuable to you and your business please get in touch.

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