I-COM Data Startup Challenge

For the 5th edition of I-COM Data Startup Challenge, Unilever are supporting the Challenge; with a prize of US$50,000 to fund a pilot programme, and a pass to the Cannes Lions Festival as part of Unilever’s delegation. Partners include StartUp Britain, Centre for Entrepreneurs, The Engine Shed, FundSurfer.com, Qapitol.com, Dotforge Accelerator, Seedrs, the Open Data Institute Leeds, Seven LaunchPad, Cypriot Business Angels Network and more.
It is a unique opportunity for a tech startup and traction through a pilot with a global organisation and the exposure that comes with it.
Startups must be less than 4 years old, less than $2.5m criteria and have a live product with at least one customer, and can apply to one of the following categories:
  • Startup General Award: The General Award category covers any Startup that leverages value from Data as a central selling point of its product or service.
  • Startup Attribution Award: Rewarding work that measures the incremental value of marketing channels, strategies and tactics against business outcomes. Attribution should directly drive optimisation of marketing to improve business outcomes.
  • Startup Content Marketing Award: Rewarding work that involves a strategic and tactical marketing approach focused on creating and distributing information to the buyer that is valuable, relevant and helpful for a target audience using a combination of owned media (e.g. blogs, microsites, social media conversations, print and digital publications, etc.), paid media and earned media.
  • Startup CRM Award: Rewarding work that is leveraging known customer data to better drive and measure marketing results across all channels.
  • Startup Mobile Award: Rewarding work involving data stemming from mobile devices. The data does not need to be exclusively mobile and can be cross-channel in nature.
  • Startup Programmatic Award: Rewarding work that includes the products and activities in Media Planning & Audience Targeting Innovation. Examples include, the marketing cloud, the RTB protocol, addressable audiences, marketing automation, measurement.
  • Startup Social Media Award: Rewarding work that falls within a broad definition of social media, beyond paid advertising in social platforms. This includes topics of social-driven commerce, user comments or conversations, user-generated content, forums and message boards, crowdsourcing/crowdfunding, social publishing, and social media listening.
  • Startup Video Award (formerly known as TV): Rewarding work that shows a creative use of data, measuring how viewers are watching video content across devices. Television accounts for 40% of ad spend globally and is in a period of rapid change, viewing is fragmenting across channels and devices with audience measurement struggling to keep up. Qualifying entries must include data stemming from audiovisual content that was at some point broadcasted as part of its distribution, either as programming or advertising.
The deadline is 14th February 2017 and the registration fee is 49 euros though if this is a barrier to the startup applying it is possible that it could be waived.Please apply here: http://www.i-com.org/data-creativity-awards-2017